The Canterbury Tales

The Clerk's Tale
Chapter 37: Lines 1-15 of 1166
Middle-Modern English
1   Ther is, at the west syde of Ytaille,
2   Doun at the roote of Vesulus the colde,
3   A lusty playne, habundant of vitaille,
4   Where many a tour and toun thou mayst biholde
5   That founded were in tyme of fadres olde,
6   And many another delitable sighte,
7   And Saluces this noble contree highte.
8   A markys whilom lord was of that lond,
9   As were hise worthy eldres hym bifore,
10   And obeisant and redy to his hond
11   Were alle hise liges, bothe lasse and moore.
12   Thus in delit he lyveth, and hath doon yoore,
13   Biloved and drad thurgh favour of Fortune,
14   Bothe of hise lordes and of his commune.
15   Therwith he was, to speke as of lynage,
1  There is, in the west side of Italy,
2   Down at the foot of Mount Viso the cold,
3   A pleasant plain that yields abundantly,
4   Where many a tower and town one may behold,
5   That were there founded in the times of old.
6   With many another fair delightful sight;
7   Saluzzo is this noble region bright.
8   A marquis once was lord of all that land,
9   As were his noble ancestors before;
10   Obedient and ready to his hand
11   Were all his lieges, both the less and more.
12   Thus in delight he lived, and had of yore,
13   Beloved and feared, through favour of Fortune,
14   Both by his lords and by the common run.
15   Therewith he was, to speak of lineage,

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